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    *** News and Updates ***




    Summer Schedule:


    Please note that we have a waiting list for membership as of 12 July 2013. We have a record of applications that have been sent out prior to July 12th, so if you have previously received the paperwork and would like to join for the pro-rated membership period please send in your application as soon as possible. Also, we are going to have ONLY TWO orientation weekends available before the new membership year begins -- the weekends of July 20/21 and July 27/28. Once you have sent in your application paperwork, please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your space for one of these sessions. 

    Our new membership year will begin on September 1st, 2013, so anyone who would like to join for the next calendar year, please contact us through this website and we will send you an application in August for the upcoming  year.

    Please Note - annual and pro-rated memberships: The annual membership runs from September 1st 2012 to August 31st, 2013 and costs $75.00. As an all volunteer organization, we try to keep things simple and cost effective, and we only pro-rate our fees for the last three months of the membership year (June 1st until September 1st, 2013). If you have further questions on this, please contact us at wvdog1@aol.com




    The organization was formed in 1992 to address the needs of West Village dog owners, the residents of our neighborhood and our pets.

    It is our mission to secure safe, fenced-in areas in our neighborhood where dog owners can congregate and where their dogs can play and exercise off-leash.

    We are dedicated to working with community and city officials, veterinary and training professionals and other neighborhood groups to help improve the quality of life for dogs, dog owners and our neighbors.

    WVDOG will encourage communications among West Village dog owners, address issues such as sanitation, security, rules and maintenance of approved dog runs and work with local officials to explore possibilities for dog run sites throughout the West Village.



    Should you know of a great dog site or other sites of interest that you think would be "good links" to our site please let us know.  We are currently compiling a list of possibilities.